Some photographs
Here're various pictures I've taken recently. They're not professional quality, but I quite like them. Please note that they are copyright ((C) 2001 Chris Hedley). On the offchance anyone might really want to use any, send an email here.

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Some info about the equipment used
We'll have none of that newfangled digital stuff here! These pictures were taken with a Canon EOS/3 and EOS/30 fitted with variously the 50mm/1.8 mk I or II, the 28-135IS, occasionally the 100-300 or rarely the 28-90 kit lens.

The films used are usually Kodak Ektachrome E100VS or Fuji Velvia for transparancies or some variant of Kodak Royal/Gold/Whatever for negatives.

Okay, so my efforts don't yet do the equipment justice, but I'm getting there - I hope!